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Understand Why Single Annuities May Not Be Able To Give You All The Things You Want or Need During Retirement.

Doesn’t it seem odd how someone can use a diversified stock or mutual fund portfolio all throughout their working career, but then when it comes time to start considering annuities for retirement income, they seem to shop around trying to find that specific annuity from one company that will supposedly fulfill their entire wish-list for income, growth, and preservation of principal during retirement?

While most people would never consider putting all their money into one single stock or mutual fund, it is surprisingly common to see folks putting most or all of their money into one big annuity for the purpose of creating income during retirement.  In many situations, it is perhaps because they simply don’t make the connection that using a diversified portfolio of several different types of annuities from different highly rated annuity companies can potentially produce noticeably beneficial results over what might be achieved through the purchase of a single annuity product.

Why Our Process is Different

We teach our clients how they can combine multiple annuities from more than one “A” rated company in order to keep their money growing safely, generate one or more streams of retirement income, and preserve and/or re-grow their principal, all while following an important rule of diversification at the same time. 

Through a thoughtful planning process, our clients see how their retirement savings can be allocated so that the right amount is earmarked for income production, the right amount is allocated to long-term re-growth or “recovery of principal” as well like to call it, and still other amounts are intentionally kept separate from their annuity and investment portfolio solely for the purpose of making sure they have enough liquid emergency cash on hand throughout retirement.

This simple but effective approach allows clients to potentially achieve multiple objectives at the same time, and can even be customized to allow increased opportunities for flexibility and potential tax-advantages as well.

How To Take The Next Step Without Cost or Commitment On Your Part

We have put together a complimentary educational white paper that highlights the key steps and potential benefits of our most popular annuity planning concepts.  Request our free lesson today and begin exploring these simple but powerful methods for generating income, growth, and preservation of principal, as well as learning how you can receive guidance from a licensed insurance professional who specializes in this type of annuity planning concept.  We look forward to answering your questions.

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