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Our Three Areas of Service:

Annuity Basics: We help you understand the basics of annuities – what they are, how they work, and what are the typical pros and cons of the different types of annuities out there.

Advanced Planning With Annuities:  In this area, we teach you the more advanced strategies, concepts, and techniques that allow you to combine several different types of annuities together in a portfolio-type setting. 

This process gives you the ability to potentially achieve better results with annuities than what many people are getting when they purchase a single annuity as a stand-alone product. 

Don’t worry, while these techniques and strategies are very advanced and very powerful in relation to the results they produce, most clients are amazed at how easy it is to understand these concepts and begin benefiting from them right away!

Annuity Portfolio Implementation and Management:  You can probably think of better things to do with your time during retirement than to always be pro-occupied with the management of (and the worrying over) your retirement income and savings.

We help clients design annuity portfolios that protect against downside losses, ensure they don’t run out of money, while potentially increasing their income and reducing their taxes at the same time.

We can not only help you construct the right annuity portfolio framework in order to achieve the growth, income, and preservation of principal that you require in a plan, but we can also assist you greatly in hand-picking the right annuity products from the right reputable companies that will actually fund each portion of your new custom portfolio. 

At the end of the day, we are paid a commission by the annuity company (not out of your own pocket) just like any other annuity agent would be. 

Our professionals guide you step-by-step in constructing and implementing a custom annuity portfolio without having commissions deducted from your principal balance or earnings over the years. (Some types of annuities do deduct annual fees to pay for things just as additional income riders or death benefit riders, but these are typically costs associated with adding additional guaranteed to the base contract and are not commissions being received by the agent.)

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