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Finding Paul Spurlock and Advanced Retirement Income Solutions, LLC has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was agonizing over having lost a large amount of my retirement income, and unsure of how to protect the remainder of it.
Paul helped me find the answers. His mathematical approach to investing shows you a predictable way to exactly what you can expect to earn at each stage of retirement, how much income you can count on along the way, how you will never lose money, or run out of money, and at the end, the amount your original investment principal is even recouped."

Now instead of worrying all the time, I can now look forward to a comfortable retirement with income to suit my needs, and am so happy now that confidence and peace of mind have replaced doubt, fear and uncertainty. Paul Spurlock is the epitome of professionalism and personal attention. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking financial advice and security, and that is how I really feel.

Penny Moore
Age 66 - South Carolina

I've known Paul Spurlock for several years now, but it took me quite some time to appreciate his expertise in retirement income planning. He was very patient, helpful, and spent many hours with me during the time it took to shift my thinking from the "growth and accumulation" phase of life, over to the "preserve, protect, and create income" phase. I believe his approach offers an ideal way to achieve safe, predictable, steady retirement income for the rest of one's life, and reduce risk to the absolute minimum.

When my wife and I finally decided to create a plan for our financial situation, Paul helped us with getting everything set up. Then, in the middle of this process, we suddenly learned who Bernie Madoff was, and that a portion of our assets (that we had not yet invested with Paul) had been victimized along with many others. We were suddenly unable to fully complete our retirement plan with Paul as we had expected. Paul worked with us to make the necessary changes to our plan, to best accommodate our changed circumstances. His creative thinking was a great help in this trying time.
Now, the modified retirement income plan that Paul specially designed for us will meet our income needs, despite the terrible intrusion of Madoff into our lives.

We've attended a number of "free lunch" seminars over the past few years from so called "annuity experts", yet none of the presenters understand annuities and how to use them in the effective way that Paul does. These annuity sales people just sell a product. Paul's approach is far more comprehensive, and offers a superior way to get the best features of annuities, while avoiding the bad. We certainly recommend Paul Spurlock and Advanced Retirement Income Solutions, LLC.

Jack B.
Age 66 – Longmont, Colorado

Rock-solid integrity, dedicated professionalism, razor-sharp intelligence, mathematical genius, strategic problem-solving, cutting-edge creativity, streamlined precision, and meticulous attentiveness to detail are all words that come to mind for me when I think of Paul Spurlock, CRPC, Founder and CEO of Advanced Retirement Income Solutions, LLC.  Paul is truly a trailblazing pioneer in the world of mathematically engineered, customized asset management for those of us approaching, or already in, our retirement years.
Ever inspired by Thomas Edison's "there is a better way to do everything - find it," some years ago Paul - utilizing some very sophisticated, state-of-the-art, mathematically based investment strategies involving carefully researched, top-rated annuity products - developed (and, over time, refined) an extraordinary, one-of-its-kind software program specifically designed to restructure his clients' retirement portfolios in order both to eliminate downside risk and to maximize growth in net worth.
Paul's advanced techniques of wealth management not only insure RECOVERY, in its entirety, of the original lump sum principal but, in addition, promote the generation, as needed, of a steady, ever-increasing INCOME stream as well as the capture of exceptionally impressive (and reliable) rates of return on the GROWTH portion of the retirement portfolio.  No one else, anywhere, is able to offer these mathematically derived, personalized financial strategies for accelerating income, optimizing growth, and guaranteeing recovery...
Paul loves what he does and brings to his work a passionate commitment to facilitate the smooth transitioning of each and every one of his valued clients from the accumulation phase in their financial lives to their retirement years.  My choice to put myself in Paul's capable, experienced, caring, trustworthy, and hardworking hands is, bar none, the very best financial decision I have ever made.
As it happens, I too have always embraced Thomas Edison's pithy and poignant exhortation to find a "better way" and, in finding Paul, I have indeed found a better way - way better than I could ever have imagined possible - to insure my own financial security and peace of mind, for the duration, which has freed me up to invest my time and energies in the many other pursuits that enrich my life and make possible the ongoing fulfillment of dreams that I have spent a lifetime developing and refining.  For this blessed gift, Paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Martha Stark, MD
Faculty, Harvard Medical School - Age 62 - Boston, MA

We were intrigued at the idea of being able to handle my 401(K) in a much more sensible manner than the government would dictate. Paul demonstrated that one could take advantage of compound interest and create a plan whereby the government requirements for disposition of the 401(K) would be satisfied , yet one would not run out of money for retirement income.
After checking references is was clear that the program was above board and was delivering as advertised to the other participants. We went ahead and committed to going with the program he described. We are quite satisfied with all the Paul has done and look forward to a long, continuing relationship.

Norman A.
Age 60 - Louisville, KY

I spoke with several financial/retirement planners while conducting research on how to further invest my Thrift Savings Plan, (the government's 401k) after retirement.  While researching numerous options, I encountered Paul Spurlock's website: Arisplanning.com. 

At that time, I was fairly certain that I would invest with a different financial planner, but I decided to schedule a time to view the visual demo of Paul's planning strategies.  Paul contacted me shortly thereafter and we actually scheduled a webex conference.  I found Paul to be extremely professional, knowledgable, patient, and he had the ability to effectively communicate with individuals who are not investment professionals. 
It quickly became apparent that Paul had expertise in retirement income planning and was NOT just another planner trying to sell a particular product while chasing a commission.  Paul explained to me that no single product could accomplish my goals of generating income, growth, and preservation of principle all at the same time.  He pointed out the pros and cons of annuities and explained how the proper use and combination of several products could in fact, achieve the desired goals.

I found Paul to be very effective in his explanation of how to develop an effective retirement strategy based on sound mathematical principles.  I am basically a visual learner and I feel Paul can relate to many different learning styles.

The best advice I could give is regardless of what strategy you are considering, even if you feel you have made your final decision, you owe it to yourself to talk to Paul at Advanced Retirement Income Solutions and then consider all your options.

George Johnson
Age 58 - Gibsonville, NC

Paul, we just have to tell you how amazed we are at this plan that you have set us up with. We still can't believe how much more income we are receiving each month and how much less taxes we are having to pay.
Also, the peace of mind from knowing that we won't keep losing more money if the stock market goes down is very nice. We only wish that we had known about you sooner. Thanks again.

Daniel H.
Age 63 - Louisville, KY

I am a retiree and a senior citizen. My annuity was losing money, and I was worried about that. So, I decided to search for a company that could protect my savings, assure me that the funds in my annuity would grow and provide me with excellent customer service. I am pleased and proud to say that I found Advanced Retirement Income Solutions and spoke with Mr. Paul Spurlock.

After speaking with Mr. Spurlock, I was confident that Advanced Retirement Income Solutions was the right company to handle my annuity, so I placed my annuity in its capable hands. I must say: That decision was one of the best decisions I made in my life and I am extremely grateful to Mr. Spurlock and Advanced Retirement Income Solutions for giving me superior service and peace of mind.

Naomi W. Martinez
Age 70 – California

Paul after seeing the results that your program is capable of producing I am going to make certain my clients are aware that this is out there. Everyone should be looking at this because it solves the biggest problems that people have about retirement.

Walter C., CPA
Age 67 - Louisville, KY

Paul, thanks for your clear and thorough presentation of the retirement income and investment recovery plan. What an excellent way to arrange a comfortable lifetime retirement income without the worry of outliving my hard-earned retirement savings!

Donn Graham
Age 63 - Louisville, KY

 Paul Spurlock has been very helpful to me personally and financially. I think that he is one of the financial industries' most valuable resources. His support is excellent. I don't need to use it often, but when I do, I can get through to Paul quickly. I like the fact that the same person is always there to help me. And I can always get answers to my questions immediately.

Paul communicates with me in a way that is easy to understand and offers great personal service. He treats my accounts and related activities as though they were his, and is very proactive in his approach to building my future financial well being, as well as giving me great peace of mind.

I truly believe that Paul has contributed an inestimable amount to the skills, esteem, and credibility of the financial professional. Paul Spurlock will show you how to realize your financial future and can advise you on making smart decisions about how to manage your portfolio in the coming years. Not everyone can be expected to know just what to do about financial security and retirement needs. Paul Spurlock can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Denny Sheridan
Age 57 - Denver, CO

We were in dire straits when my wife and I first contacted Paul Spurlock. We had planned on buying our retirement home with the proceeds from my 401k, which we found out only after the fact was a huge financial blunder that came with potentially horrendous tax consequences.

When I tried to put the money back into my 401k I was told by my company plan administrator that they had not made the mistake and that I could not return the aged-based distribution I had originally withdrawn. In desperation, I contacted the two banks and the credit union that I normally dealt with, but they did not have anything to offer except IRA accounts based on low yield CDs.

After doing an internet search in the hope of finding a better option, I stumbled upon Paul Spurlock's company, ARIS (Advanced Retirement Income Solutions). I was very skeptical at first about entrusting what amounted to our entire retirement savings to a person I had never met in person.

My wife and I were able to meet with Paul via a web-conferencing service that enabled him to make an excellent presentation right over the phone/computer on how he could meet our needs, followed by a question and answer period. My wife and I mentioned to Paul that we had a low tolerance for risk since our retirement was just around the corner. It has been over two years ago now since we decided to have Paul Spurlock and Advanced Retirement Income Solutions, LLC manage our portfolio. I am happy to say that our investments have done well, and I am very pleased with the service that Paul provides. When the bottom fell out of the market during 2007 and 2008, we did not lose any money. In fact, we had earnings!

Whenever I have needed to call Paul periodically with questions about our investments, he has always called back promptly and answered my questions. He has proven to be honest, reliable and best of all, in this time of economic uncertainty, we have been able to watch our retirement nest egg grow. We certainly recommend his services.

Edward & Patricia Doktor
Ages 61, 59 – California

For the past ten years I have use a number of financial planners. My overall experience has not been good in regard to financial advisors. As I was getting closer to retirement and needing income from my assets, I felt more and more that the advisor I was working with at the time was just not listening to me. I felt that I needed a planner who was willing to listen to and truly understand my needs and concerns as well as properly address my specific situation.

I am relieved that I found that person in Paul Spurlock. Mr. Spurlock spends time really listening, and took the time to show me how Advanced Retirement Income Solutions would benefit me. He showed me a customized mathematical income plan for me retirement so that I was able to see on a monthly basis exactly what my income would look like year after year. I liked this very much.
This is what I had been looking for, since it gave me a plan without guesswork and speculation. At the same time, I will still be able to preserve my principal over the years.

What I am most happy about regarding my experience working with Paul, is that he took the time to thoroughly explain each step of the process, and showed me how each part of his plan addressed and solved each on of my most important concerns. He answered all my questions in a patient and caring way. I feel that I can truly relax now knowing that my retirement is safe and working for me.

Robert Havill
Age 65 – Texas

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